Update October 2019, the app wasn’t getting much usage so I took it down.

My favorite past time is riding mountain bikes, so no surprise my first app was PieBike for visualizing which bikes you ride base on Strava data. Building this app gave me the chance to learn several technologies:

  • React & Create React App
  • Boostrap for styling
  • AWS S3 for hosting the React App
  • Flask & SQLAlchemy & PostgreSQL in AWS for a backend
  • Docker + AWS ECS for hosting the backend
  • Traefik Load Balancer for serving the backend over HTTPs – definitely overkill, but allowed me to learn a new technology and save a couple of bucks on AWS hosting

When a rider logs in with their Strava account, their able to do a couple of things.

See how much they rode in a specific time period by picking a start and end date.

See how much they ride their different bikes overall.

And edit bike information for specific rides to correct mistakes in the graphs above.

Last modified: October 22, 2019



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